Roman & Littlefield is an independent publisher based outside of Washington, DC. They focus on educational publishing, academic publishing with a focus on Humanities and Social Sciences, and well as publishing government and official data. Some of what they publish is very specific and niche, while other work is clearly intended for a broad audience.

They also run the National Book Network, one of America’s largest book publishers. They have published many respected books and authors. It’s easy to get a good feel for what they publish by visiting their home page here.

They have a publishing partnership with the following institutes and organizations: American Association for State and Local History, The American Foreign Policy Council, Smithsonian Institution, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Fortress Press, Lehigh University Press, Lord Cultural Resources, and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Their submissions guidelines are clear and detailed, and ask that you submit work to the correct acquisitions editor.
When you submit your proposal, make sure you follow their guidelines here. Make sure to follow their guidelines precisely, if your work is a good fit for them.
If you scroll further down they also include the guidelines for submitting to Lexington Books which publishes the best scholarly work in disciplines ranging across the humanities and social sciences.
The guidelines for ECPR Press, the imprint of the European Consortium for Political Research, are available here.

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