By Nimmo Anita, Kabete, Kenya

How could you,

You merciless thief,

Leave me with nothing of my own,

For all that I had,

I showered it all on you.


Why don’t you get contented?

With all that I have given you?

You still come for more,

Day by day without ceasing,

And yet becoming stronger.


You precious thief,

You’ll never leave my mind,

Not even my heart,

For you stole the only one,

The only heart I had,

And you made it yours.


As days pass by,

My love for you grows stronger,

Leaving none for myself,

I always think about you,

Thinking nothing for myself’

I treasure you my thief.


May our love last forever,

Oh you precious thief,

May we live to sing,

A song of our endless love,

And forever dance to the music of our love.

©Anita W.

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