By Aslam Bamba, Tamale, Ghana

How could they have missed God’s eyes?

Didn’t they feel  shy or fear in His presence

Or they sold it to the dogs

In that sacred house

They robbed me of my dignity

They were penchant

On seeing their desires smile

Rather than being remorse for their past

How could they not have seen?

A sister in me

A mother or an aunt

Why so adamant you were

To execute your sinful mission

Even if my back

Could have been laid

Outside that sacred house

For you to trample on

With your cursed soles

That could have lessened the bitterness in me

Then why take all my belongings

Including my ticket to exist

How are you so ungrateful?

While I’m away

You shall know no sleep

Happiness and calmness

Shall despise that clot in your ribs

That house you smeared with my blood

You shall live to explain your actions in the abyss

©Aslam Bamba

Aslam Bamba is a young budding writer from the northern part of Ghana, Tamale. A graduate from the Tamale College of Education. He sees himself as a learner, lover, and servant. He mostly writes about things that strike his imagination. Some of his old works are found on Facebook and medium.

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  1. Wow-what a lovely poem bro keep it up you can change millions of lives through your magnificent works. May Allah bless you and increase you in knowledge and wisdom

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