Richard Atugonza is a rising artist who is carving out his own sculptural style with intention. He creates relief sculptures that portray people with dynamic textures and richness of material. Atugonza sculpts through a collaborative and sustainable process. His sculptures are built with recycled plastics and charcoal.

His work translates body language into visual narratives, as seen from the series “Imperfect Perfection” (2020). This work focuses on the intricacies of body representation and how individuals view themselves. Atugonza created the works from casts he made of people he knows. The works explore the futility of trying to achieve perfection and demonstrate that imperfection can be beautiful.

Atugonza was recently featured in the 2020 two-person exhibition “(IM)PERFECTIONS” at Afriart Gallery, curated by Lara Buchmann, and his work was featured in the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair London 2020 and Abu Dhabi Art 2020.

Source – Artsy

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