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Nigerian and Sebuleni Africa poet Tanimonure Richards Adewale has launched new poetry, with new stanzas of a deeper meaning.
That is how Mr Adewale announced his recent colourful wedding that took place on November 20, 2021.

The lucky lady is Eniola Abosede (nee Samuel). She was born in Yaba, Lagos State of Nigeria in the 80s. She studied English Major in the

University of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria and currently works as a Phonics Teacher in some schools in Ogun State, Nigeria (Contractual Teaching). She loves singing and imparting knowledge.

It all started happily with preparations for the nuptial knot duty to be carried out. By 9am, family members and the couple were gathered at the registry hall of Abeokuta North Local Government for the first phase of the ceremony. It was presided over by three representatives of the council in charge of wedding matters. The couple were lectured, joined together and presented to the public as legally married, with all relevant documents signed by them and close family members. Photographs were taken joyfully as a closure of the event.

By 11am, Kings and Priests Global Church, Adigbe, Abeokuta hosted friends and families of the couple for a church ceremony of the event. Presiding Clergymen, Reverend Olawunmi Odagunduro, Senior Pastor of the church and Pastor Rotimi Bolaji of House On The Rock Church, Abeokuta, assisted by other invited Pastors joined the couple in holy matrimony to the great delight of all present. Each said their marital vows and were then prayed for before presenting them again to the happy congregation of the church. A brief sermon and couple’s thanksgiving ended the ceremony. Thereafter, order of photographs followed.

Reception of Guests took place immediately after the church service with Mr Abiodun Lasile , CEO, Sixth Sense Initiative, a non-governmental organization, acting as the chairman of the event. He admonished the couple on how to live and build a very successful marriage. There was a family talk of the couple by their parents; a couple game held; couple dance; couple feeding and of course, appreciation of the couple with gifts and cash donations by joyous friends and families. Guests had sumptuous foods to eat and take away from the event. It was a greatly successful marital union for the two lovebirds.

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