By Anita Wairimu, Kabete, Kenya

Yesterday, when we went to sleep,

You were so quiet, so distant,

You felt like a stranger lying next to me,

You were like someone else, dressed up in you,

I felt uneasy, lost and cheated,

But I let it pass.


When I woke you up this morning,

I knew something was wrong,

It was written all over your face,

You could not hide it any longer,

Could you?


Why didn’t you say it earlier?

You could have shown it before,

Before I got too attached to you,

Why didn’t I see it coming?

Why didn’t I read the signs?


I can feel it already,

Once you walk out that door,

You’ll walk out of my life,

You will never feel the same about us,

I will never see you again.

©Anita W.

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