Sebuleni Africa

What Sebuleni is All About


Sebuleni in Kiswahili is the place where the family, nuclear or extended, sit to listen to stories of the day or catch up with long lost visiting friends or family members.

Sebuleni online magazine was launched in 2018 to showcase Kenyan budding writers’ and poets’ creativity. What started as a Kenyan affair has spread its wings across the continent and beyond and we now have writers from around the continent and beyond, and our readers come practically from all around the globe.

And that is why we thought it fit to change our name from SEBULENI to SEBULENI AFRICA, with a total new online presence. You can come to sebuleni and enjoy the stories, poetry and other features we have added, such as essays and art. Soon we shall add features about African music and budding musicians.


As a writer of fiction and nonfiction [essays] you can partner with us and enjoy ‘’ownership’’ Sebuleni Africa by paying a an annual membership fee of Ksh250 [US$2.50].

For members who would like to have their stories archived and be accessible for at least 12 months, they can buy the PREMIUM annual  membership of Ksh500 [US$5]. Membership can be paid through PAYPAL or MPESA. Once your fee is received your articles will be published each time you have new ones.

Members will have access to MEMBERS’ AREA where they can benefit from hundreds of paid writing opportunities that are advertised from international magazines, NGOs, and online sites that are frequently looking for new writers. There are also many writing tips that will benefit the members.