Sebuleni Africa

What Sebuleni is All About


Sebuleni online magazine was launched in 2018 to showcase Kenyan budding writers’ and poets’ creativity. What started as a Kenyan affair has spread its wings across the continent and beyond and we now have writers from around the continent and beyond, and our readers come practically from all around the globe.

And that is why we thought it fit to change our name from SEBULENI  to SEBULENI AFRICA, with a total new online presence. You can come to sebuleni and enjoy the stories, poetry, and other features we have added, such as essays and art, and stories about African budding musicians, and also seek opportunities for paid opportunities in our MEMBERS AREA.


Sebuleni Africa now spreads stories, features and music of Africa across the globe through its online platforms of this site, plus our online radio and podcast. This is the reason you should be part of this community.

Organizations wishing to partner with SEBULENI AFRICA through advertising their products and services on our website or radio are welcome and can send us a Whatsapp message at +254 0740378381, or an email sent to