Sebuleni Africa

The Genesis and the Revelation


Late in 2017. Jane Wacuka Gerald, a Kenyan law student who was in love with prose, met journalist and author Patrick Ngugi, to discuss Jane’s idea of   creating a print magazine through which Kenyan budding writers and poets could showcase their talents through getting published.

Many meetings and cups of coffee later, Sebuleni blog was published, after the two decided it was better and more convenient to have an online than a hard copy magazine, since this would be available to a wider audience.

The next step was to look for the pioneering and founder-writers and contributors and before long Sebuleni was joined by Nimmo Anita, followed by Victor Kemboi, Nimo Kuria and the late Cecy Gaitho. Soon we had people like the Village Girl Winifred Nyokabi and Mo among others.

Interests from other parts of the continent saw Sebuleni’s name change to Sebuleni Africa in 2020, with a total new online presence.

You can come to sebuleni and enjoy the stories, poetry, and other features we have added, such as essays and art, and stories about African budding musicians.

Sebuleni Africa now spreads stories, features and music of Africa across the globe through its online platforms of this site, plus our online radio and podcast. This is the reason you should be part of this community.

Organizations wishing to partner with SEBULENI AFRICA through advertising their products and services on our website or radio are welcome and can send us a Whatsapp message at +254 0722563544, or an email sent to