By Tanimonure Richards Adewale, Ogun State, Nigeria


my blood calls out to you

in the loudmouth spill of my ancestors

deep from the redness of their heart

deep from the blackness of their skin

deep in this ink roaring our cries high

across your length and stretch, o africa


the yoke of years in history’s tomb bring tears

tumbling your damages in white rape ravages

of your soil and sons by slavery’s greedy guns

hungry for your wealth, your strength; hungry to covet

your name and frame in colonial devour of shame

till independence fiercely fought, won, for dear democracy to be born


alas! alarm! alert! of what pain now to our heart

khaki and agbada bastards in another slavery so dastard

poisoned of position and power and greediness terrible in tower-

hunger for wealth to oppress, our unity, bond to suppress

whipping us worse with wars, weakening us sore in poverty curse

our sweat and stress their billions, our brotherhood right – just minions


Africa ariiiiissssseeee!!!!! wake up!!!

let anger acrid explode you from seething pain

let your strength gather in mad volcano voice of force

against minions mincing your billions in shreds of poverty slavery

against blackness hypnotized in whiteness of colonial kill

against brothers tearing brothers in lucrative disunity

against your crafty sell-out, sell-off in a pregnant, weeping future

Africa: rise, cry, fight; demand your God-given right

to a united brotherhood of prosperity and peace in your land

no one will do it. no white won’t. Africa: RISE, CRY, FIGHT!!!


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