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I don’t have any official publication history though I have been writing intermittently since my early 20’s. Nothing professional – or let’s just say, it’s been a rather casual affair over the years – on my social platforms, and once even ran a blog which I eventually expunged as it carried very personal stories about my life which at the time, I wasn’t ready in my evolution to be seen in my shame.

I decided to be a full time writer in January, 2021, following a wave of  disruptive experiences by way of situations and events and in riding them, discovered they were a series of realisations dressed contrastingly, that caused me to stop and look – really look! – at what moves my juice!

So, I finally stopped putting up the resistance and heeded the call.

My true desire, through this acceptance, is to inspire people all around the world to find and live their purpose for there’s no higher calling!

I have correspondingly been developing a narrative non-fiction manuscript since, based on my myriad and diverse experiences – which is about halfway now and hope to be completed by July, 2021.

I am also undertaking freelance writing opportunities as I discover them, both locally and online.

I think something of the nature of writing – if it means something to you – needs a certain knowingness. It’s an intrinsic quality that you have to find, nurture and evolve into.

I am trusting the process as I delve more into it and it feels like the best decision I ever made!

In writing, I have found the highest, truest expression of myself.


Aida Muturia

Aida Muturia

My name is Aida Muturia, from Nairobi, Kenya.

I’m 46, a budding author and freelance writer with a long professional career in journalism, public relations and communications.

+254 114 746276


No More Faces Places Spaces

In reckless abandon.

I s-i-t.

Downloading the cosmos.

Dimensions forgotten.

Eternity, a moment.

Creation’s vibration.



Toxic Re-Load

It’s hard to know how or where to start a story like this one.

Deep inside, I am overwhelmed that I was and am the character who has played, interacted and entangled with the roles I’m about to enumerate and yet, occasionally, in a very real sense, feel an actual sense of separation from it, a freedom even. A momentary awareness where everything is there and I’m here and I am watching it. Not always, but it’s beautiful when it happens.

The week preceding my arrival from India on 3rd March, 2021, where I had been for the better of 2019 to 2021, changed my life and my perception of life altogether, completely. It didn’t happen in a burst. It wasn’t forceful. Neither was it subtle. But it was absolute in its pursuit to separate me from my past, unequivocally and never ever to look back.

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