Albina Hipp

About The Author

I am African, I am woman: Everyday Poems of Living, is an expression of the uniqueness of an
African/black woman through art and poetry. It is a collection of poems, that celebrate different life
events of different African women during different eras of time and age.
This collection celebrates the African/black woman, her strengths to survive, to thrive, to be creative
with dignity. As well as her ability to highlight her humanity.
Author: Albina Hipp.


Albina Hipp

I am African front cover 1

Enough is Enough

Why are many people around the world risking their all?

In this corona pandemic, to stand in solidarity to state that Black Lives Matter?

To stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family?

To stand in solidarity with the family of Breonna Taylor, Aiyana Stanley-Jones?

Name them! 

The list of Martyrs in 21st Century modern day lynching.

#Say her Name!


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