By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya

I must speak my mind

’Ven if with closed eyes

To avoid her mesmerizing gaze

Which weaken my shaky knees

When she looks and smiles at me

Yes! Today I must declare

That I won’t hang on forever

‘Ven if my universe collapses


With the zeal of a buzzing bee

Flirting from flower to flower

Seeking the sweetest nectar

In the bright and starry universe


And I squat beneath and wait

Waiting like a well-fed fool

Fed with lots of sat on chapos

Chilling till the grass begin to grow

And cracks appear on the floor


My love for you makes me an Imbecile

My heart melts before your gaze

Your smile defuse my intelligence

My world wobbles around you

And I try hard not to sit and cry

Or bash my head against the wall

As you flirt in every nook and cranny

But listen … oh destroyer of hearts

Love and seasons wait for none

And Cupid‘ll surely plot with Time

Pierce my heart with another arrow

Grow me wings to fly away

Away to another love

©Patrick Ngugi 090316


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