Ayobola Kekere-Ekun is an academic and mixed-media artist whose work, often figurative and made from the paper technique known as “quilling,” shows an obsessive, experimental play with line and medium. She creates all of her pieces with paper and acrylic, utilizing her materials in unexpected ways to develop social commentary.

Kekere-Ekun’s series “The Real Housewives of Old Oyo” speaks to the exclusion of women in the Nigerian pantheon. She uses her works to satirize the erasure of the female from the history of belief by creating these cartoon-esque characters that portray the incredibly powerful female deities as one-dimensional TV series characters.

More recently, in her series “High Stakes,” which was shown at Guns & Rain in Johannesburg, she addresses the corruption in Nigeria’s electoral process. Ayobola has shown at Art X Lagos and Latitude Art Fair and has had numerous exhibitions at Guns & Rain and Rele Gallery in Lagos. Her first solo show, which was held at Rele Gallery in March 2019, was presented through a grant from the Dean Collection.

Source – Artsy


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