Help her up cause she tripped

She lost her footing gazing at infinity, 

A place where sanity and vanity are quite futile.

She has bruised some skin…although there’s no blood to prove her pain

What remains are scars,


Scars that are changing color, returning to their true form.

They concluded tons about her,

While her overfilled mind absorbed all they said.

She believed they knew her better than she knew herself…

Little did she know, she was more powerful than life itself

They spread her life to the towns

She kept herself to herself.


They tried making her speak,

She frequently told them what they needed to hear.

But somehow a blue moon came, tracing her every move

She ventured for escape…but it was all in her head

This moon was somehow different

It enclosed her and removed her booboo’s.


Giving her insight to its existence

In return, all it asked was for pieces of her to hold…to heal

It wasn’t easy, but she came to realize that she was escaping her shell

Here’s to a wonderful blue moon.


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