Toxic Re-Load

By Aida Muturia It’s hard to know how or where to start a story like this one. Deep inside, I am overwhelmed that I was and am the character who has played, interacted and entangled with the roles I’m about to enumerate and yet, occasionally, in a very real sense, feel an actual sense of […]

No More Faces. Places. Spaces

By Aida Muturia In reckless abandon. I s-i-t. Downloading the cosmos. Dimensions forgotten. Eternity, a moment. Creation’s vibration. You ask me. Who are you? What do you do? Where do you come from?   I burn. In still surrender. Annihilation. No identity. No attachment. Not even a name. In  s-t-i-l-l-n-e-s-s’ lap. Limited bequeath’s infinite. Just […]