Agnes Waruguru, born in Nairobi in 1994, has developed a varied oeuvre, encompassing painting, textile works, installation, and more to explore her own personal identity. She employs materials as tools and symbols—for example, using time-intensive techniques such as embroidery to portray how time passes, and fabrics and needlework to address traditional notions of women’s work. […]


Richard Atugonza is a rising artist who is carving out his own sculptural style with intention. He creates relief sculptures that portray people with dynamic textures and richness of material. Atugonza sculpts through a collaborative and sustainable process. His sculptures are built with recycled plastics and charcoal. His work translates body language into visual narratives, […]


Ayobola Kekere-Ekun is an academic and mixed-media artist whose work, often figurative and made from the paper technique known as “quilling,” shows an obsessive, experimental play with line and medium. She creates all of her pieces with paper and acrylic, utilizing her materials in unexpected ways to develop social commentary. Kekere-Ekun’s series “The Real Housewives […]


Gonçalo Mabunda is a self-taught artist who uses his artistic grit to decry war that ravaged his home country, Mozambique. He transforms old and abandoned weaponry into thrones, masks, and totems, then adorns his creations with kalashnikovs, rockets, guns, and bullets. Mabunda’s work draws on memories of violence and promises peace. The sculptor develops rich […]


Sungi Mlengeya is a Tanzanian artist living and working in Kampala, Uganda. Her paintings show stark contrasts of dark figures against pristine white backgrounds; her work is characterized by this signature, minimalist black-and-white aesthetic. A self-taught painter, Mlengeya first pursued a career in banking before changing gears to focus on art full-time in 2018. She […]

Nigerian Gallery director maps out her path to world domination

It was a happy accident that led Dolly Kola-Balogun to enter the art world. Born in the UK but raised in Nigeria, Kola-Balogun studied political science and sociology at universities in Boston and London. She comes from a family of prominent lawyers, so art was not on her radar at first. “While I was at […]

African Music Legends Praise ‘Homeland’ in New Song

By Angie Lemon The digital single titled Homeland is the product of a special collaboration between master kora player Seckou Keita and star vocalist Baaba Maal, both from Senegal, and carries the feeling of a return to a place that carries everyday beauty and joy, a respect for tradition while looking into the future, a sense of nostalgia mixed […]

Beautiful Africa on Canvas

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Surrealism Art World’s Largest Show Opens

By Iminza Keboge Some 125 artists from 52 countries are exhibiting their painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and digital art in a show that is being touted as being the world’s largest surrealist art exhibition in the 21st century. This 14th edition of the International Surrealism Now exhibition running May 5 – July 11, 2021 at Centro de Artes e Espectáculos (Centre […]

Festival Infects the City with Free Public Arts

Cape Town’s streets, buildings, billboards and taxis are set to come alive with (Un)Infecting the City, a free-to-the-public arts festival launching on May 8 and running until June 30, 2021! The longest running public arts festival in South Africa, Infecting the City, renamed (Un) Infecting the City for 2021, offers a unique opportunity to bring art, music, dance and […]