By Nasiru Wonder If I had one wish, it’d be to make pilgrimage to Ethiopia. Where I can reckon with saliheen (the righteous) and ask more questions. Of all the 5ive pieces read; both poetry and prose Mr. Tony’s piece charmed me. Because I love Rastafarians. Addis Ababa is mine favorite city. I’d die reading […]


By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete Kenya From early July, Sebuleni Africa internet radio went online, giving Sebuleni Africa writers, poets, and other artists in Africa and the rest of the world an extra channel to be heard. So far the radio has attracted listenership from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria where we have the bulk of […]

A Covered Muslim girl and a Black Catholic lass in rural Europe

By Winfred Nyokabi, Tharaka, Kenya This story has been long coming. Somehow, it’s too close to my heart that sharing it has taken quite the effort. Well, here goes nothing. After ‘battling’ orderly buses and a taxi driver who did not speak a word of English, to walking into a hotel that was supposed to […]

The Holiness of Human Sexuality

Overcoming the Gap  Incarnation is the overcoming of the gap between God and everything visible and concrete. It is the synthesis of matter and spirit. Without incarnation, God remains separate from us and from creation. Because of incarnation, we can say, “God is with us!” In fact, God is in us, and in everything else that God […]

Creating bonding moments with our Children

By Wangeshi Wambua As I sat musing in the quiet great forest amidst the naked trees with clusters of twigs, I smiled and thought of how important family bonding time is. I was here appreciating nature and just pausing for a moment thinking of how blessed I am. I was overtaken with emotion reminiscing the […]