By Josephine Kinuthia, Kikuyu, Kenya Sly Kimwaki lay on his bed, quietly listening to country music, which he loved. He was taking a break after a hard day’s work in town. It had been one of those fast-paced days. A soft knock on the door made him slowly get up. He was expecting his girlfriend, […]


By Josephine Kinuthia, Kikuyu, Kenya Time: 1970 Place: Palace Hotel Nairobi As I hurried to the fifth floor to counter-check the preparations being made I felt a tingle of excitement. As usual our hotel was a beehive. Bookings pouring in and everybody was busy and happy. More bookings meant more profits. Things were looking up. […]

Magical Ruby

By Josephine W. Kinuthia It all started one day as Ciru was walking down a Nairobi street. As she turned a corner she bumped into someone. It was an elderly woman, dressed in tatters, and she was obviously drunk. Ciru tried to side-step her, but the woman blocked her way.  “Give me something small, please,” […]