By Lilian Wairimu, Kikuyu, Kenya There she was, staring out of the matatu window. Her mind racing and trying to process so much. Why is there so much traffic jam? That woman looks happy; I need to get home, maybe not so soon. She was glad that there is traffic. The need to be free […]

At home, finally

By Lilian Wairimu As William took a stroll along the beautifully paved street, taking in the scenery around him, the clear blue sky, the random singing from a bird, he noticed someone lying down under the canopy of a huge tree, with the lush green grass cushioning his back against the hard cruel ground. Staring […]


By Lilian Wairimu As he sits, shaping his lips to an imagined love heart, His head droops down Down; is it the heavy thoughts or the drink before him, Stretching his hand, A snap of his fingers to showcase that he is part of the conversation; Head; too heavy Heaviness, a concept too familiar or […]