By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya Part Three He opened his eyes, and this time the lights scorched his eyes. He let out a sharp scream and shut them tightly. He tried to lift his hands to cover his eyes but was unable. The hands were too heavy. Then, as full consciousness oozed into his body, […]


By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete Kenya Part Two I look at the butterfly-shaped tattoo on my right forearm and smile. It is beautiful, but it’s not the beauty that makes me smile, despite the fact I have been seriously ill for almost two years, totally confined to bed. But the butterfly reminds me of a time, […]


By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya [Part one] He looks so handsome today, Melvina thought amid the shimmering film of tears that threatened to run down her cheeks. She loved him so much that she could not even start imagining him being away for a day; leave alone the fortnight that he would disappear from her […]


By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya I must speak my mind ’Ven if with closed eyes To avoid her mesmerizing gaze Which weaken my shaky knees When she looks and smiles at me Yes! Today I must declare That I won’t hang on forever ‘Ven if my universe collapses   With the zeal of a buzzing […]


By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya The dark grey clouds that had hung precariously over the sky most of the afternoon finally made way for a clear and somehow chilly twilight that was lit up by the rounded full moon that ambushed the horizon of the sleepy countryside. My sleepy eyes scanned the patch of heaven […]

Grave Matter

By Patrick Ngugi Hackson Mukora didn’t think it funny although a crooked grin spread across his face as if he was enjoying the macabre joke that was sending his fellow inmates to stitches. “Is it true that you actually ate men’s testicles and women’s nipples?” asked the short one with bulging forehead and eyes, who […]