By Anita Wairimu, Kabete, Kenya Yesterday, when we went to sleep, You were so quiet, so distant, You felt like a stranger lying next to me, You were like someone else, dressed up in you, I felt uneasy, lost and cheated, But I let it pass.   When I woke you up this morning, I […]


BY Margueritte Mokgaetji Pitjeng, South African Currently in Veszprém Hungry Who said flowers can’t drown in their own beauty? Is it not vanity and comparison which built perfect beauty? I remember passing by Vogue seeking some hope Eventually, it came, yet not in the way we sought after it That’s how flowers drowned in their […]


By Tanimonure Richards Adewale, Ogun State, Nigeria Africa, my blood calls out to you in the loudmouth spill of my ancestors deep from the redness of their heart deep from the blackness of their skin deep in this ink roaring our cries high across your length and stretch, o africa   the yoke of years […]


By Aslam Bamba, Tamale, Ghana How could they have missed God’s eyes? Didn’t they feel  shy or fear in His presence Or they sold it to the dogs In that sacred house They robbed me of my dignity They were penchant On seeing their desires smile Rather than being remorse for their past How could […]


By Shehu Mubarak Sulaiman, Kano, Nigeria   I am the waters of Volta, The mountains of Mambilla I am the winds of Niamey The deep valleys of Congo   I am the rocks of Olumo The gold mines of Ghana I am the wildlife of Kenya The great pyramids of Giza   I am Okavango […]


By Tanimonure Richards Adewale, Ogun State, Nigeria Child, you are a sun; bright path of earth, to walk the way of light. in you is the moon their night seeks so true of the bright eyes of freedom. so, take from my heart for this journey you are, this destiny you traverse; take; eat deep […]


By Nimmo Anita, Kabete, Kenya How could you, You merciless thief, Leave me with nothing of my own, For all that I had, I showered it all on you.   Why don’t you get contented? With all that I have given you? You still come for more, Day by day without ceasing, And yet becoming […]


By Nasiru Wonder, Accra, Ghana My fears became tears My tears vanished among peers I had plenty and little of no awareness Keenly fused to God, As I sun the Earth Of all worth! In the greyhound of hardships; The trotros of Westernized Africans, My name is mocked. My name is cropped. Our name is […]


BY Margueritte Mokgaetji Pitjeng, South African Currently in Veszprém Hungry What is darkness you ask? Darkness is how you hold a pen Within the confines of your fingers Trying to scribble down your first alphabet. Its how perfectly imperfect you seem, Although your skeletons have turned to ash It’s the hopelessness you carry after 50 […]


By Shehu Mubarak Suleiman, Kano, Nigeria I rise at aurora, to roam and wander, foraging for food and shade, predator, in search of a prey   a plate is enough, from the leftovers of supper, else I’d ransack your dustbins, for the remnants of yesterday   when the rains come, I’d have nowhere to go, […]