By Esther Mukiri The earth is thirsty It keeps on swallowing Among us it picks The best of God’s creation It is a year of sorrow Everyday it’s taking Iconic matter Leaving so much vacuum I wish we could One day sew its mouth So that it no longer Grabs the best from us I […]


BY Margueritte Mokgaetji Pitjeng [Mo], South African Currently in Veszprém Hungry I got this thing for you, I never lost it I crave for love like the Jones’ Yet I possess hammered windowsills up my walls “You can’t heal me” “I don’t wanna be saved” Although she still creeps up your window Hoping to find […]


BY Margueritte Mokgaetji Pitjeng, South African Currently in Veszprém Hungry Who said flowers can’t drown in their own beauty? Is it not vanity and comparison which built perfect beauty? I remember passing by Vogue seeking some hope Eventually, it came, yet not in the way we sought after it That’s how flowers drowned in their […]


By Nimmo Anita, Kabete, Kenya How could you, You merciless thief, Leave me with nothing of my own, For all that I had, I showered it all on you.   Why don’t you get contented? With all that I have given you? You still come for more, Day by day without ceasing, And yet becoming […]


BY Margueritte Mokgaetji Pitjeng, South African Currently in Veszprém Hungry What is darkness you ask? Darkness is how you hold a pen Within the confines of your fingers Trying to scribble down your first alphabet. Its how perfectly imperfect you seem, Although your skeletons have turned to ash It’s the hopelessness you carry after 50 […]


By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya I must speak my mind ’Ven if with closed eyes To avoid her mesmerizing gaze Which weaken my shaky knees When she looks and smiles at me Yes! Today I must declare That I won’t hang on forever ‘Ven if my universe collapses   With the zeal of a buzzing […]


By Rose Gathoni, Nairobi, Kenya I’ve always had a fetish for things in black My sincere apologies if wearing these tinted glasses makes you demented I am fully aware that the eyes are the windows to the soul But I don’t want you to keep searching for a soul mate in me In my eyes.. […]


By Reginard Bishoza, Kigoma, Tanzania It’s not yet 4:00 am, I an African woman Moving rekindling the fire from the overnight embers Inside the mud-walled hut, my husband coughing As the first birds are heard, he swings his legs over the bedside A bed made from a rough rope strung across a wooden frame. He […]

Heart to Heart

By Margueritte M. Pitjeng It was all just a little fairytale Where life would come with sticks and stones to press me down I felt alone, Lost in a whirlwind of emotions and undefined infinities. I badly needed to escape…but their hold was bloody What could my escape plan be? Would people be able to […]

Blue Moon

By MO   Help her up cause she tripped She lost her footing gazing at infinity,  A place where sanity and vanity are quite futile. She has bruised some skin…although there’s no blood to prove her pain What remains are scars,   Scars that are changing color, returning to their true form. They concluded tons […]