By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete, Kenya The dark grey clouds that had hung precariously over the sky most of the afternoon finally made way for a clear and somehow chilly twilight that was lit up by the rounded full moon that ambushed the horizon of the sleepy countryside. My sleepy eyes scanned the patch of heaven […]


By Kemboi Victor, Eldoret, Kenya   The rain stopped and coldness braced the atmosphere with discomfort. Kiruhi, the watchman on duty, entered the gatehouse, picked his raincoat from the hanger on the wall, wore it, and leaned against the door as he observed Mr. Osoro, the teacher on duty, commanding students Golden Hearts High School […]

At home, finally

By Lilian Wairimu As William took a stroll along the beautifully paved street, taking in the scenery around him, the clear blue sky, the random singing from a bird, he noticed someone lying down under the canopy of a huge tree, with the lush green grass cushioning his back against the hard cruel ground. Staring […]

Magical Ruby

By Josephine W. Kinuthia It all started one day as Ciru was walking down a Nairobi street. As she turned a corner she bumped into someone. It was an elderly woman, dressed in tatters, and she was obviously drunk. Ciru tried to side-step her, but the woman blocked her way.  “Give me something small, please,” […]

Grave Matter

By Patrick Ngugi Hackson Mukora didn’t think it funny although a crooked grin spread across his face as if he was enjoying the macabre joke that was sending his fellow inmates to stitches. “Is it true that you actually ate men’s testicles and women’s nipples?” asked the short one with bulging forehead and eyes, who […]

The Grave Mistake

BY VICTOR KEMBOI Brenda Sang yawned and wiped her eyes as she observed the town growing busy that morning. She had been there for long seated behind the steering wheel of her Toyota Vitzand boredom had started eating up her mind. A fleet of vehicles roaredsoftly in front of herand she switched off the engine […]

The Highway Monitor

By Kemboi Victor Our matatu jerked to a halt at Ngoini market bus terminus few minutes past 6pm. One after the other, we alighted and took different directions. I was late so I hurriedly found a means of transport to drop me home, before it was completely dark. Motorbikes and cabs were common here so […]