By Wangeshi Wambua, a Kenyan student in Hungary Through my eyes, allow me to share some beautiful moments in My Hungary. The first set of photos show the Ópusztaszeri Nemzeti Történeti Emlékpark. I visited this place in the summer of 2020. The Ópusztaszeri National Heritage Park is an open-air museum village showcasing the history of Hungary. […]

Self Compassion

By Wangeshi Wambua Self-love is undoubtedly the oil that wheels my vibrant life. Self-love is the little things you do for yourself. Contrary to the illusion most people have that it is selfishness. Self-love is a state of appreciation of oneself that sprouts from the things we do, content we consume, activities we engage in […]

Creating bonding moments with our Children

By Wangeshi Wambua As I sat musing in the quiet great forest amidst the naked trees with clusters of twigs, I smiled and thought of how important family bonding time is. I was here appreciating nature and just pausing for a moment thinking of how blessed I am. I was overtaken with emotion reminiscing the […]