Lesson for writers from art class

Today, I want to talk about some advice I received in art classes, and how it applies to writing. I took a lot of art classes as a teenager.  When painting a portrait, I would take time to get the nose exactly right before moving on to the lips or the eye. Walking around the […]


By J. D. Edwin  Have you ever felt your writing is flat, despite how many beautiful words you use? You might be overusing adjectives and adverbs. Luckily, there is an easy fix—use vivid verbs instead. Although you might instinctively think adjectives will improve your description, strong verbs actually do a better job at electrifying your creative […]

Writers face fear on a day-to-day basis

ByWrite Practice  The self-doubt.  The fear of failure.  And,  oh,  the vulnerability. Writing is hard enough with all the self-evaluation and doubt about your abilities. But then sharing your work with other people so they can critique or review it? CRINGE. When you sink into that fear it debilitates you. If you let fear hold […]

Seventh Street Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Written by Emily Harstone Important: Read This Before Submitting Your Manuscript Seven common manuscript submissions mistakes that are very easy to avoid Seventh Street Books started out as the mystery imprint of the established nonfiction publisher Prometheus Books. But they were recently sold and are now an imprint of Start Media. They publish only mystery […]