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The Kenyan music scene is currently bursting with energy as a result of new but established acts emerging every day. In such a competitive industry one needs to work hard and be highly creative to capture the attention of a highly critical and expectant audience.

Among a notable pool of artists is Chassis, who is a contemporary music artist based in Juja (Jujamaica), Nairobi.

Mainly a rap/hip hop act, Chassis has a versatile flow that he employs in blending in other genres/styles in his compositions. As a songwriter he is renowned among his fans for witty and thought-provoking lyrics delivered with a touch of sarcasm.

The rapper has done music on diverse issues ranging from corruption, empowerment, and religion and downright entertainment. Since officially launching his career in February 2020, Chassis has a 10 track mixtape and a number of single releases under his belt.

Tracks like ‘Funny Money’, ‘Kitu Clean’, and ‘Squadi Ya Ngoroko’, all featured in the ‘Off The Bench’ debut mixtape, have enjoyed airplay on national radio. This, together with other constant single releases on his YouTube channel (Chassis Music), has led to Chassis developing a considerable and growing fan base in the industry.

The ‘Funny Money’ hitmaker, who records with both Big Beats Afriq and CTBC studio, says that it’s not been an easy journey considering the complex and diverse state of the Kenyan music industry. Other challenges faced by the artiste include raising enough funds for booking studio sessions as well as shooting of quality music videos.

Collaborations done with other artists include ‘Queen Keki’ ft Ras and the ‘G-Town Cypher 2’ ft various artists. Chassis says that his fans should only expect bigger and better project releases from him. His music is available on YouTube (Chassis Music),, and Fans can also request tracks by ‘Chassis’ on the various media stations.

Here is a link to one of Chassis hits


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