Ooh beauty! Doomed and perfect for an hour
Blind, banished from desire
Slaughters with sharp edges humble mankind
Carrying yourself with mortal heart
Draining the cup you’ve asked for it !
Cleopatra ! Cleopatra ! fatal mankind !

What’s love? A doll nicely dressed up?
A thing of soft misnomers! So divine !
Divine by loving, and it bizarrely goes on !
Yawning a whole hot summer long !

Dying Anthony! Fell a prey to Cleopatra
Foolish! Passions warming the cold world
Degrading the magnanimous personality
It’s no reason why such incredible agony!

Cleopatra! Beauty to extraordinary notice
Beautiful, charming, tempting but stingy !
Proud, sensible, vain, well groomed being
Powerful, conceited, exotic but horrible !

Cleopatra, seductress Cleo Patty Pharaoh
Able to enchant most powerful men
You took your own life for seek of love !
Your lust engulfed the lives of prisoners
Prisoners sitting on the royal stools
Peeping their noses to smell your sweat !

You’re amazing, beguiling but deceiving
Full of yourself, fond of love inflammation
Buried in air, bore with unimaginable race
Pretty like rainbow, lived, died and lived
Poets walking on tongues for your cause.

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