By Albina Hipp

Why are many people around the world risking their all?

In this corona pandemic, to stand in solidarity to state that Black Lives Matter?

To stand in solidarity with George Floyd’s family?

To stand in solidarity with the family of Breonna Taylor, Aiyana Stanley-Jones?

Name them! 

The list of Martyrs in 21st Century modern day lynching.

#Say her Name!

The children of African/ Black mothers. 

How much more pain should the African/Black mothers bear, when they know that the children from their wombs are in perpetual danger? To be lynched and killed based on a whim.

What of the Wives, Husbands, Partners, offspring?

How much should they bear?

Enough is Enough!

All life matters. 

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others did not just represent black bodies. 

They represented the Universe and everything in it. 

From their hair, to the colour of their skin. 

They represented the universe. 


Life that was choked out, strangled, made extinct, exploited, abused, marginalised, and controlled for the gain of some.

Breonna Taylor, George Floyd represented the whales, the tiger, the Rhino, the trees, the forests, the ocean, nature, and environment. All choking/chocked out, polluted, controlled, exploited, and made extinct to satisfy profit margins. Profit margins that state that nature is to be owned, subdued, and exploited until it is extinct.

These acts of solidarity say that LIFE MATTERS. 

Nature Matters, the Environment Matters, water matters, forests matter, and animals’ matter. 

They are not silent, they are screaming, chocking but their pain is ignored.

Enough is Enough!

The Universe matters, and the universe is in George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, the environment, you, me, water, forest, nature, air. 

All Life!

Life is precious, the universe is precious.

Enough is enough!

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