Gonçalo Mabunda is a self-taught artist who uses his artistic grit to decry war that ravaged his home country, Mozambique. He transforms old and abandoned weaponry into thrones, masks, and totems, then adorns his creations with kalashnikovs, rockets, guns, and bullets.

Mabunda’s work draws on memories of violence and promises peace. The sculptor develops rich conceptual work that blends Western modernism and traditional African systems of control. His sculptures embody metaphor, employing defunct military equipment to symbolize violent political leaders. Mabunda uses the old guns to signal the inevitable fall of such power; just as the once-mighty weapons of war now lie derelict, so will they.

Mabunda has been exhibited in the Gangwon International Biennale and the 2015 Venice Biennale. His work has been widely collected internationally; one of his works was acquired for the office of former U.S. president Bill Clinton.

Source – Artsy

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