There are ways in which African writers, new and established can earn six-figure income through their work. There has been this talk or feeling that there is no money in writing in Africa but according to Josephine, this is not true, and in this interview with SEBULENI AFRICA, she tells us how she does it, earning a six-figure income, and now gunning for a seven-figure income. On the other side of the interview, this former kindergarten teacher tells us of her passion for mentoring new writers through her African Writers’ Tribe, and how she has been transversing throughout Nigeria to sharpen writing skills in young children and adolescents. Soon the African Writers’ Tribe will spread its wings to the rest of Africa, targeting North Africa through Egypt, East Africa through Kenya [SEBULENI AFRICA]; and Southern Africa. Welcome to the interview.

You can learn all these and more from SEBULENI AFRICA YOUTUBE CHANNEL… get the interview here…

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