Mokgaetji Pitjeng(MO)

About The Author

Mo is a humble alien from the Southern part of Africa that finds solace in music, animation and random writings. She has been writing and reading from a young age, having a greater regard for fictional books and a fascination for documentaries. She believes everyone has an inner child that deserves freedom of exploration fueled by Gods wisdom and a love for slap chips.


Mokgaetji Pitjeng(MO)


Loud texts

We had our first argument today and it got heated

We remained equal although our hearts fumed

I needed answers, you needed peace,

And our worlds kept clashing against the cobblestones

Blue Moon

Help her up cause she tripped

She lost her footing gazing at infinity, 

A place where sanity and vanity are quite futile.

She has bruised some skin…although there’s no blood to prove her pain

What remains are scars,

Scars that are changing color, returning to their true form.

They concluded tons about her,


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