By Wangeshi Wambua, a Kenyan student in Hungary

Through my eyes, allow me to share some beautiful moments in My Hungary.

The first set of photos show the Ópusztaszeri Nemzeti Történeti Emlékpark. I visited this place in the summer of 2020. The Ópusztaszeri National Heritage Park is an open-air museum village showcasing the history of Hungary. It was at this place, around 896 AD that Chief Árpád, the Duke of the Magyars, and his leading men codified the common laws of their new country. In the photos, you can see the Árpád Millennium Monument, Ányási kápolna(chapel), Csete-jurták (Yurts), the Skansen with a collection of a homestead, the homestead school, Farmhouse, fishing house, craft workshops, townhall, grocery and bakery, the agricultural machinery and finally the windmills. These are just a few of the photos I have of this great place displaying Hungary’s rich heritage.


Hortobágy Nemzeti Park

As one of the Hungarikum and listed as a World Heritage in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) there was plenty of information to learn. I visited this park in the spring of 2019. On arrival, one gets to visit the pasztormuzeum where you see the traditional life of the herders and horsemen of the Puszta. In the photos you see the horse-drawn carriage and as you ride on it you will see herds of sheep, cattle and horses. The icing on the cake is the horse show as seen on the photos. On the Hortobagy szafari I saw some wild animals e.g. wolves, przewalski’s horses, vultures, pelicans etc. And finally, the nine holes bridge is an iconic symbol of the Hortobagy Park.

Sculptures and Highlight of My Hungary.

It is always exciting to engage in imaginary conversations with these interesting statues of great poets and novelists in the history of Hungary. Magda Szabo and Endre Ady in Debrecen and Weöres Sándor in Pécs, the newspaper boy in Budapest, and another at the Erdőspusztai Arborétum in Debrecen. I captured these photos at different time intervals.

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