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On measuring hearts, art was discovered. And in those scribes, Nasirudeen Jabbaru sought walls and scrolls in the codified work. Such a globetrotter whose love for books, Literal salons hangs him nearby spots for discourse. Seeking space to write prose or poetize orally. His works go beyond his hut, Accra. He exports inks with literal links by the penname: Nasiru Wonder.
Most of his works, interviews can be found on YouTube or published articles on literal portals. Reach him on Facebook, Medium and Instagram.
Greatly inspired by Nas, quotes The Rapper & GOAT:
“Nobody says you have to be gangstas, hoes
Read more, learn more, change the globe.”
Nasiru Wonder

Nasiru Wonder

allah is a verb

Allah Is A Verb

Through the word

We find the void

in queued breathe

And with one cord

All families, nations and tribes

Come forth solemnly.

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