Patrick Ngugi

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SebuleniAfrica Founder. Novelist, creative writing mentor, counselor and motivational speaker. Has written and published over 10 novels, and a couple of poetry anthology. A former journalist with leading media house in Kenya, currently runs a YouTube talk show dubbed BLISS OASIS AFRICA Podcast, after his counseling and mentorship practice.  Email –


Patrick Ngugi


Grave Matter

Hackson Mukora didn’t think it funny although a crooked grin spread across his face as if he was enjoying the macabre joke that was sending his fellow inmates to stitches.

“Is it true that you actually ate men’s testicles and women’s nipples?” asked the short one with bulging forehead and eyes, who everyone called Big Eyes.

Mukora only smiled further and looked away as the rest of the cellmates stared at him, eager to hear his story.



I must speak my mind

’Ven if with closed eyes

To avoid her mesmerizing gaze

Which weaken my shaky knees

When she looks and smiles at me

Yes! Today I must declare

That I won’t hang on forever

‘Ven if my universe collapses


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