By Patrick Ngugi, Kabete Kenya

From early July, Sebuleni Africa internet radio went online, giving Sebuleni Africa writers, poets, and other artists in Africa and the rest of the world an extra channel to be heard.

So far the radio has attracted listenership from Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria where we have the bulk of our writers, but there is a growing number of dedicated listeners in the USA, Canada, Ireland, and the Philippines among other countries.

Sebuleni Africa Radio, like its website sister Sebuleni Africa blog, aims to promote budding artists on the continent and the diaspora, be they musicians, writers, poets, and artists. Already we have interviewed Reginard Bishoza, a poet and musician from Kigoma, Tanzania, Ability Wilbard, a musician from Dar Es Salaam Tanzania; and Nasiru Wonder, a poet from Accra, Ghana. More interviews and relevant programs are in the pipeline.

Follow this link to listen to the radio

In case you would like to appear on one of our interview slots you can send us an email at


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