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Born in Western Kenya, Shilaho Wa Muteshi is a biochemist and reproductive health consultant based in the city of Nairobi. He has more than ten years’ experience in teaching public health, disease epidemiology, chemistry, biochemistry, maternal child health and family planning, HIV and Aids and many others at college level. Author Shilaho has also managed various academic institutions in Kenya and runs Smartpen Publishers. He has published eight major novels through Smartpen. These include The Aids Ward, Remains of Dead Hope, The Coffin Factory, The Black Man’s Testament, The Cancer Section, The Fourth Reich, The Secret Reign of Pope Christine and Desert Crisis. Several of his works have been serialized on his Facebook page, @authorshilaho.

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By Shilaho wa Muteshi

Desert cRISSES

Excerpt from Desert Crisis (The first 1000 words)

Two weeks before Kenya’s fiftieth Independence Day, The African Union of Left-Handed Presidents met secretly in Guangzhou, China to discuss a new space program to be sponsored by the Chinese government over a period of fifteen to twenty years. Among the five African presidents was His Excellency Mandherich II, but to help them understand the technicalities of the space program being launched secretly in their countries, they had each been allowed two assistants, one of who had to be a nuclear physicist well versed in Chinese. His Excellency, the granduncle, Mandherich couldn’t find a nuclear physicist who understood the Chinese language within the Kenyan boarders,

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