By Nasiru Wonder
Nasiru Wonder left, meets Tony Muchoma, a Kenyan author

If I had one wish, it’d be to make pilgrimage to Ethiopia. Where I can reckon with saliheen (the righteous) and ask more questions. Of all the 5ive pieces read; both poetry and prose Mr. Tony’s piece charmed me.

Because I love Rastafarians. Addis Ababa is mine favorite city. I’d die reading historical fictions. I admire deep controversial stories and unpopular themes.
He brings attention to not only the fall of the King of Kings, Emperor Haile Selassie I (Lij Tafari Makonnen) but Africa as an Empire. Invaded by Foreigners and by the support of its Sons and Daughters.
Assuming Africa as a country and each major city formally countries of old. With few National languages. Would you be happy? Would you adopt?
You can choose to learn or limp in ignorant shoes but in as much, there’s a need to collaborate with seniors who will not only help you unearth your potential but teach you how to not abuse it.
For all I’ve learnt in this august house it is worth noting that,
The Writing process is a discipline. Just like athleticism wake up early and run for vitality .. running is important especially as Tony, coming from Nairobi emphasized he’s learnt alot from their athletes.
If you take challenges as Mountains when each and everyday you write thrice or twice (Early in the morning and Evening, or at your best) you are climbing higher and gaining literal capacity is surely a MUST.
Make time for learning, writing, drawing or sculpturing but in all put Africa at front,
AFRICANS. Let there be joy online

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