By Shehu Mubarak Sulaiman

“You make me feel safe and beautiful”, she said

She orchestrated these words like the piano and violin which rule the audience

She knew its effects as she’s learned to web them a few times

A few too many you may state

But its better than presenting non-existent love, right?

They always melt at these words

How their grip around her waist tightens.

Their cologne being stronger than it is was 2 seconds ago

Their lungs having greater surface area

To accommodate her lavender honeycomb scent.

Their eyes phosphorescent

Kisses being the definition of passion

With hearts singing the beats of the African drum,

Each being slightly different…

For she knew the importance of little things

The same way her hands carved the knife that spoke in times of need

A single knife that thrived on several beings within the ice

Thus, painting the moon crimson

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