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Wangeshi Wambua is a researcher and a passionate nurse. Also a fashion and beauty enthusiast who is ambitious, courageous and adventurous. I am into getting people excited about the things am thrilled about most often motivation and beauty. My great passion is sharing my life experiences to mentor and motivate women and girls. I am a wife and doting mother to three beautiful girls. Am always looking forward to learn new things. 

My hobbies include travelling, playing board games, trying new recipes, reading inspirational books and home décor. I am an upcoming author, I hope to tell my story through writing.


Wangeshi Wambua

Wangeshi Wambua

bonding with the kids

Creating bonding moments with our Children

As I sat musing in the quiet great forest amidst the naked trees with clusters of twigs, I smiled and thought of how important family bonding time is. I was here appreciating nature and just pausing for a moment thinking of how blessed I am. I was overtaken with emotion reminiscing the good times we have together in the limited time we have. This gave me an idea to share some of the activities we do together to bond and share quality time.

Self Compassion

Self-love is undoubtedly the oil that wheels my vibrant life. Self-love is the little things you do for yourself. Contrary to the illusion most people have that it is selfishness. Self-love is a state of appreciation of oneself that sprouts from the things we do, content we consume, activities we engage in to support our physical, social, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual growth.


Student learning at home. African woman sitting at home and writing homework.

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