Winfred Nyokabi

About The Author

Winfred is a witty, funny and daring lass who hails from the pisquet slopes of Mt. Kenya calling herself a village girl. She brings life into any room she walks into with her wicked and sarcastic sense of humour, as she challenges any status quo that is not working as far as development and equity is concerned.
Her love for adventure, thrill and good memories makes her a must meet human

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A Covered Muslim girl and a Black Catholic lass in rural Europe

This story has been long coming. Somehow, it’s too close to my heart that sharing it has taken quite the effort.

Well, here goes nothing. After ‘battling’ orderly buses and a taxi driver who did not speak a word of English, to walking into a hotel that was supposed to be my home now in the name of a dorm, I walked into this room complete with my kiondo wrapped with a shuka to the grinning face of this beauty.

Well, I have always been around covered Muslims, it’s the uncovered ones I was not used to. She proceeds to help me unpack, spread my bed and even make me a cup of tea.  You and I know whatever they call tea is really not tea.